Selected Projects

S.N Client / Project Work Description Period Location
101 Saudi Iron & Steel Co (HADEED)/
Saudi Voest Alpine - HADEED
Structural, Equipment and Piping Erections
include Steel Buildings, Continuous Casting
Plant, Assembly/Installation of Various
Equipment, Roofing / Wall Cladding,
Painting, and Insulation Works                                
Oct. 05 to Jun. 06 Jubail
102 Saudi Aramco/Tecnicas Reunidas
Gulf  - JGP CN:8396-ZA-E01-K
Electrical & Instrumentation Works Jun. 06 to Aug. 07 Juaymah
103 Saudi Aramco/Tecnicas Reunidas
Gulf  - JGP CN:8396-ZA-C06-K
Steel H-Pile & Cast-In-Place
Concrete Piling Works
Mar. 06 to Aug. 06 Juaymah
104 Yanbu National Petrochemical Co
(YANSAB)/Flour Arabia - YANSAB
U&O CN:A21T-00-K040
Port Site Preparation Works (Formwork,
Concrete/Rebar Fabrication & Field Erection,
Material Handling, Soil/Concrete Testing & Evaluation)
Jul. 06 to Oct. 06 Yanbu
105 PetroRabigh/Mitsui Engg &
Shipbuilding Co (MESAR) - MEG &
PO CN:MSG0001 & MSO 0001
Civil, Structural, Architectural, Mechanical,
E & I Works include Process Interface &
Substation Buildings, Equip. Erection, HVAC,
Plumbing, Piping Fabrication & Erection,
Fireproofing, Heavy Lift, Scaffolding Provision,
Sewer & Drainage Systems, Roads & Paving,
Switchgear & MCC, Xfmr., Generator, Cabling, 
Grounding, Lighting, Communication, Fire Alarm &
Fire Protection, DCS Control, Temp. Facilities,
Catalyst Handling, Chemical Handling, Nitrogen
Purging, Testing & Inspection, Pre-Comm. &
Comm. Assistance
Mar. 06 to Feb. 08 Rabigh
106 Saudi Kayan/Daelim-Polycarbonate
Piping Works (Supply, Fabrication,
Installation & Hydrotest)
Dec. 09 to Mar. 10 Jubail
107 Jubail United Petrochemical Co
(JUPC)/Linde Arabian - Olefins
Complex CN:52-2MD-035
Calibration, Material Handling,
Pre-commissioning, and Commissioning
Oct. 05 to Jun. 06 Jubail
108 Jubail United Petrochemical Co
(JUPC)/Linde Arabian - Olefins
Complex CN:52-2MD-034
Mechanical Works (Temporary Facilities,
Structural, Equipment Erection, A/G Piping,
Painting, Insulation, Scaffolding Provision,
Pre-commissioning, and Commissioning
Mar. 05 to Jun. 06 Jubail
109 Saudi Aramco/Petrofac -
KARAN Utilities
CN: JI-194-SC-009-MMG
Civil Works and Steel Structure &
U/G Piping Works
Jan. 10 to Dec. 11 Khursaniyah
110 SABIC - Sahara Plant
Installation of 6# Nitrogen Line
with Metering Stn
Apr. 12 to Jul. 12 Jubail
111 Saudi Aramco/Snamprogetti  -
Manifa GOSPs
PO: 393425
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation,
Painting and Insulation Works of (3)-Gas &
Oil Separation Plants, Wet Crude Handling,
and Crude Stabilization
Jan. 10 to Jan. 13 Manifa

Saudi Aramco/Tecnicas
Reunidas - Manifa Cogen

CN:7425-2501 Rev.00

Civil, Building, Structural, Mechanical,
Electrical, Instrumentation, Painting,
Insulation, Pre-commissioning &
Commissioning Works
Oct. 09 to Oct. 13 Manifa
113 Saudi Aramco Total Refinery &
Petrochemical /Daelim SA - JERP 2B
Mechanical Works (Structural, Equipment
Erection, Piping, Fire Fighting & Painting Works
Oct. 10 to Dec. 12 Jubail
114 Saudi Arabian Mining Co/Fives
Solios-Smelter CN: 532-SE002
Procurement, Fabrication, Mechanical &
Electrical Erections, Pre-commissioning,
and Commissioning Assistance Works
Dec. 10 to Apr. 13 Ras Al Khair
115 Saudi Aramco/Lurgi -
Civil, Structural, Building, Mechanical,
Piping, E&I, Painting and Insulation
Aug. 11 to Sep. 14 Yanbu
116 Saudi Kayan/Samsung Engg - PP
Major Const. Works–Architectural, CSB,
Mechanical, Piping, E & I, HVAC,
Plumbing, Painting, Insulation Works
Oct. 07 to May 10 Jubail
117 SABIC/IBN Rush - Pet Conversion
General Construction Works
(Project Management, Procurement,
Construction, DCS Migration &
System Erection, Testing,
Pre-comm. & Comm. Assistance)
Jan. 08 to Oct. 09 Yanbu
118 Saudi Aramco/Saipem -
Manifa GOSPs
PO: 393425
Supply of Manpower &
Aug. 12 to Sep. 13 Manifa
119 Saudi Aramco/Tecnicas
Reunidas - Manifa Cogen
CN:7425-2501 Rev.00
Supply of Manpower &
Apr. 13 to Oct. 13 Manifa
120 Saudi Aramco/SK Engg -
WASIT Gas Devt
Supply of Manpower &
Dec. 12 to Dec. 14 Khursaniyah